It’s simpler to generalize and call it illustration.


Te’anos is a Twitch streamer I’ve worked with extensively to help establish a visual brand. I’ve designed Te’ a logo for use onstream, as well as emotes, vtuber models, and illustrated scenery.

Te’ approached me for a set of illustrated backgrounds. We started with a few references before I sketched the floor plan shown below, to map out the rooms and layout.

Te’anos has commissioned me multiple times for Twitch emotes to cover a wide variety of reactions. I was asked to mimic the style of an existing emote, so it’s purposefully “off model” to avoid excessive details. Since the emotes on Twitch end up rather tiny, the goal is to have contrast and readability.

I illustrated and animated some of the models that Te’anos uses onstream.

The talksprite shown below has a frame-by-frame animated talking beak and blinking. The two animated gif images will swap in OBS when Te’anos starts talking into the microphone. Since the body is stationary it can act as a dress-up doll within OBS by layering shirts, hats, and glasses on top.

Te’s Live2D model was drawn to closely match Te’s model sheet, which can be seen on Te’anos’ Wiki page that I published. I collaborated on rigging it this model- the base was rigged by another artist, and I later talked with Te’ to add more depth. The beak and head-feathers were made into many separate parts, with the goal to have as much depth and motion as possible- see more about this model on Artstation.

Tessamack Live2D Persona

Character design and rigging for facial tracking

My own live2D model! After spending a lot of time with Grif, I finally concocted my own character to use as a persona. I started with a pink flamingo concept, but scrapped everything about that aside from the color pink. Moving into an alien concept, I found that I really like the idea of a UFO acting as a plant pot. This model is one I’ve continually updated for a while, having “potato mode” was an added feature.

Motion Design

Designed for live facial tracking

Fort Kickass Studios

With the goals to grow the channel and learn my own way through animating, I started collaborating with GumblePlays to form an independent animation studio. We post absurd short animations on a shared YouTube channel- read more about the project.

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