Terms & Conditions

I have a full-time office job during weekdays until 6pm. I will not be working on commissions or replies during that time, and reserve one weeknight per week for personal family & chores.

I maintain rights over these works for personal portfolio use- sources will be collected in credits for each piece!
These transparent .png files will be up to 1000px square as a final file, not intended for print. The final file is for digital use. I still tend to work on a large canvas: please reach out if you might want to discuss printing rights or a larger project.

► Please send me a response to my sketch form or start with a DM to me on social media.

► My commission tracker shows current projects on my plate- please understand that projects will take a minimum of 2 weeks for average turnaround.

► Art will be delivered in a .zip folder with a PayPal invoice- if we can’t use PP, I will send final files after receiving payment.

► You can request up to 2 major reviews in the project, please be decisive and have references up-front.

  • Basic Digital Media and Sharing art rights (standard):
    your file will only be up to 1920×1080 for use as a full-screen digital image, will not be sized for print. Please try to provide clear credit to this website somewhere that you use an asset. My illustrations will usually be formatted as transparent .png icons; though I tend to work large enough for print so you can pay a smaller difference to upgrade to a full license.

  • Printing art/ Multi-use rights:
    your file will be full-size and formatted for printing. Delivered as a .TIFF file for publishers. This is formatted so you can use the illustration for merchandise.

  • Full art Copyright:
    you own the full photoshop file and usage rights for merchandising and advertisement purposes.

These works are not to be used, copied, or reproduced by any parties that are not Tessa Kleiner (Tessamack), and can only be reposted by the commissioner of an individual work depending on their license. Some ideas and concepts shown may have unintentional likenesses to characters and people, though any intentional likenesses are shown as parody. No refunds for digital goods.

For physical products, once you have Confirmed your Order, it might not be possible to edit or cancel your order. If you want to change some parameters- Customer addresses, etc.,- then please send a message to check if we can make changes. Printful is not bound to make such modifications in your order, but we will do our best on a case-by-case basis. Replacement of Products claimed as damaged/ received is totally subject to Printful investigation and discretion. The consignee, Tessamack, will pay the taxes & duties in addition with the purchase price of the goods. Printful requires this transaction, of course, for the materials and printing- and I make marginal profits for creating the designs originally.

I reserve the rights to any designs produced, unless the license to the concept was also sold with the art; otherwise commissions and purchases made on this site are intended for Personal Use Only. You may not use my art as a base or replicate it for any other products.

All sent products are marked with Printful’s return address for your convenience. Once you have Cofirmed your Order, it might not be possible to edit or cancel your order. If you want to change some parameters, Customer addresses, etc., please send a message to check if we can make changes. We are not bound to make such modifications in your order, but we will do our best on a case-by-case basis.

Printful will review replacement/return requests only if both criteria are met:
(a) there is a missing, broken, or a Product with a print error in the received parcel and Printful is at fault, and
(b) Printful receives a complaint within 30 days from the day the Product was delivered or within 30 days after the estimated delivery date, if the Product is missing.

The risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier. It is your (if you are a User) responsibility to file any claim with Tessamack for a lost shipment. This means you need to contact the shipper that Printful chooses first, then contact me, and then we can contact Printful if we need to; especially if carrier tracking indicates that the Product was delivered, since Printful may not be liable to replace items lost in transit.

If a product is returned, it will come back to Printful and they’ll place it in temporary returns for 28 days at no cost. During this time, you’ll be able to change the shipping address, and you’ll be responsible for shipping costs– but that product can be redistributed, if needed.

All unclaimed returns will go to charity.

Though some of the concepts featured in my work are derivative, the works featured on this site are entirely my own. I don’t intend to perpetuate any ill-will! Please contact me if you’d like to discuss my topics, I will work with you to remove anything questionable.

I don’t intend to use existing concepts for direct profit, but to help communicate using familiar ideas. I’ll be very amiable in any circumstance, feel free to approach me with any issues!

I am not available on weekdays until 6pm PST


  • Made of Vinyl
  • Spawn around eye-level
  • I do NOT stick them
  • Spawn indoors and exposed

These Stickers are printed on vinyl with a Canon printer--
If the face is sticky, that can indicate it'll fade a bit.
The black might rub off a bit, but I'm saving up for better black ink! Consider donating!

They won't appear super high, nor on the floor.
I might hide some around knee-level on indoor plants or up high for tall folks,
but I won't carry a stepstool!

I use tape if I want to make them float.
I'll move on if asked, and I do not intend to vandalize.
I want people to give them a home!

They'll rarely be found outdoors, since I'm not sticking them.
You should be able to see them peeking at you,
even if it's just from a specific angle.

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