Web Design & User-Interfaces

I have half a decade experience working with WordPress as a designer and tutor.

What does your audience want, versus what they need?

Building a website is primarily about serving your potential customers, and my website-building process will start with discovery. We’ll talk about your audience and goals to chart the main landmarks of your website, and get into the fun parts with design and style. Of course usability is also direly important, all designs will be optimized for the best results on any kind of device.

College Cartography

College Cartography was designed to function as a funnel for prospective tutoring clients. The main goal was to carefully outline the benefits and features, while stoking interest and direct visitors toward reaching out for a consultation. The website should act as somewhat of a digital billboard that can answer basic frequent questions and help connect with prospective clients. I helped refine their logo and provided design feedback for their business card.

We wanted to design a “functional and to-the-point” website that would
explain the basic offerings and process, as the focus is in-person
connection with the consulting. We collaborated using Discord and sent
revisions on a screenshot annotation website.


2Fowls was a short-lived local reseller hosting business. I was tasked with creating the website and branding, including original illustrations and icons.


Grif is a technical artist creating amazing things in Unreal Engine, and someone I’ve been collaborating with for a long time. I helped develop a website that acts more as a search engine gateway than a portfolio. This website was made to help establish Grif’s brand as a developer for streaming technology, and where we share tutorials and resources for prospective streamers.

Iterative designs for branding and social media
Flowchart for ingame items


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