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This page contains work I’ve done for larger companies, and is more private for the sake of mutual respect. This page includes work-in-progress photographs mixed with screenshots, with the benefit of showing “under the hood” about my design tools and process.

These designs are created using the Adobe Creative Cloud, primarily Illustrator, InDesign, and especially After Effects.

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Marketing Design at ON Advertising:

I’ve worked with many different industries doing marketing design, ranging from hospitality like Chompie’s deli and The Salina Country Club golf course. Government contracts include the Arizona Department of Corrections and Runbeck Election Services, and I was heavily involved in gathering portfolio pieces for a pitch deck to Valleywise Health. This also includes contracts with building development firms, producing brochures for Plaza Companies and even chemical usage labels for the roofing products produced by Tuscon Rubberized Coatings.

Valley Metro "Score An Easy Ride" Campaign
Super Bowl LVII

ON Advertising won the contract with local transportation giant Valley Metro to produce marketing material to support Super Bowl LVII in Phoenix. We were on contract to advertise special reduced fare for riders to promote public transit surrounding Super Bowl LVII and gather feedback regarding rider satisfaction. We produced a satisfaction rating of over 85% in a poll of 50 riders, and reached over 250,000 sports fans from many states. During this project, I was involved with proofing the designs for correct colors in print and matching brand standards, as well as logo animation for a short video spot.

Our team produced poster signage for bus and rail stops. This evolved into special signs for the Sky Harbor airport, as well as a wrap for the light rail trains to advertise special reduced fare for football fans.

superbowl local transit bus train wrap design
photo of super bowl transit train wrap design
superbowl local transit awareness poster design

Peddler's Son Wholesale Foods
Branded Marketing & Animations

brand logo animation

Wholsesale food distributor Peddler’s Son is a long-time partner with ON Advertising. We created the brand standards guide for this brand and were asked to expand on the brand with templates for various internal and external documents. I worked on animating some banner ads for their main brand, as well as the logo for “Uncorked” which is their wine producing subsidiary company. The design brief was focused on having a transitional element to wipe the full screen, then “emphasize the fun bouncing cork effect from the logo design” and I was excited to add embellishing touches.

JRI Hospitality
Chompie's, The Original Grande, Moka's Cafe

JRI Hospitality is an umbrella for a few different hospitality service brands that ON Advertising supported. My own contract was heavily tied into this client, and I produced a lot of animations for their social media accounts and newsletters. The projects included a lot of variety month-by-month, producing assets for many social media platforms following all types of holiday themes.

email newsletter e-blast reward animation design
eblast email animation design

Menus: Printed and Digital Versions

For the Moka’s brand, I was tasked with maintaining their menus. This included printable paper versions, as well as animated menus that would appear on in-store screens. The key distinction was for paper menus to have very minimal colors, in order to print on-location. In the example shown, I rearranged the menu to add their new Energy Drinks category.

Once the design was approved with minimal colors, we proceeded to edit the animated Digital Menus to match the layout. During this time, I also helped create a more organized file system for the After Effects templates for future designers to re-use more easily.

coffee shop logo animation

I had the delight of animating Moka’s main logo for a commercial spot produced by ON Advertising, and had free range to explore the animation. Moka’s logo is a lower-case M made from 2 upside-down mugs, the animation I produced was focused on showing the two cups “coming together in a cheers motion” before forming the M-shape in the final logo.

Various Other Digital Marketing Collateral

I’ve worked on all types of marketing collateral and communications projects. Generally, I would follow a brand standard along with a brief per project, sometimes even helping develop new standards. Typically I would begin with a basic design for approval, then proceed to create variations for social media posts, and adapt existing files based on client edits. Most designs stay within the Adobe Creative Cloud, though I also use Blender at times to arrange scenes.

billboard designs


UI/UX, Marketing Design, Animations

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